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BOOYA is a revolutionary new organization, providing marketing and media services to businesses and non-profit organizations. We provide a range of publishing and media services.

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Print Production

We host a variety of print services such as ad production, package design, desktop publishing and image design...

electronic media

Not only can we produce digital and electronic but we have the means to distribute it as well...


We can help your business or non-profit organization develop and execute unique marketing plan on our network...


Join our list of sponsors and utilize our network to promote and distribute your business ,cause or organization...

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Logo & Print Design

In house design and print services for our clients to help market and promote their product, service or charity organization.

Media sales

Do you want to sell your music, ebook, magazine or other products or services. Find out how to make you business or organization a part of our sales network.

News media subscriptions

Our online social network produces and publishes news media articles and stories for our readers. Available via RSS feed, print and email subscriptions.

Project development

Let us develop and plan an online or local promotion or funding strategy for your business, service or non-profit organization.


We can help you find your market! We do surveys and can gather the information you need to deliver a strong marketing strategy for today's market.


Our print and digital advertising services can tie together all of the resources and market strategy to build up your business, service or non- profit organization.

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